Get A Job (2016)

Get A JobThere is a song played regularly on the radio at the moment which I am in enjoy with. There was a statistic going about a few weeks ago about how many hours a particular person would want to function at a minimum wage job just to afford an apartment I believe it was anything like 80 hours a week (based on the location).

I want this to be an concern for both republicans and democrats to address and to get a resolution because some place some exactly where there is some a single responsible for this treatment of citizens, and we have the energy to vote but this does us no good when the individuals that are causing us grief as an alternative of assisting us are payed gov emploees them selves.

Our parents are alcoholics (our childhood sucked with continual partying in the property and my dad lost a very good job), my brother did not finish higher college, doesn’t have that excellent of a job, our mom is continually essential of males, my sister and his girlfriend had a falling out and have in no way reconciled.

I consider i have gotten away with it because i did not move back to my residence state and have not been in speak to with my family members or any individual in the army and i got married had my final name changed and have not held a job considering that leaving the Army.

I was up front about my actual estate & asked to speak with the rep afterwards to go over it. I told him how every little thing performs & my plan was to attempt becoming a realtor as a future full time profession, and he said thats fantastic, he understands, and my showings, open houses, etc.