How Employment Agencies Function

Employment AgenciesHow can firms and job hunters cut by means of the red tape of the hiring procedure? The dialogue is part of the Labour Department’s roadshow to raise awareness of the implementation of the Employment Agencies Order, which regulates licensing for agencies bringing in foreign workers and aims to stop abuses such as inflated agents’ costs and commissions.

However I am still becoming passed over for a lot of possibilities for employment, I am not the only a single as many of the opportunities advertised on line and by staffing agencies remain for accessible for numerous weeks and months later following I have applied.

Each private profile must be tailored to the actual job and company you are applying for and it is not uncommon to have numerous different versions of your CV made, so that you can apply for a wide range of distinct sorts of jobs and therefore enhance your possibilities of gaining interviews and hopefully employment.

Also make positive you have a list of your references, their names, speak to details, always include an e-mail address since most of the agencies will email your referees forms to fill out, so make certain its ok with them for you to use their names.

In Malaysia position, fixed term contract is not effectively explained in the employment act but reference to case landmark case: Han Chiang High College v National Union of Teachers in Independent Schools will give a clear idea on how fixed term contract operates.