How to Make a Good Resume

Resume or short history that contains the experience and skills possessed by a person applying for a job is very crucial to have or not the applicant for admission to the next stage in the process of recruitment and selection of employees. Resumes are made it easier for readers (read: recruiter) to find more information and evaluating the qualifications possessed by the applicant.

The importance of creating a resume that is designed specifically (rather than copying the model resumes others) are often not realized by the applicant. In many cases, they often found that the applicants are actually using the resume format that is standard by buying a resume form sold in bookstores or download the form contained in the websites. Indeed, it is not entirely wrong, but nevertheless let the applicant to consider whether the format is already compatible with the character himself. What happens if it turns out the standard format, after being charged by the applicant, it was just a lot of empty space left alias cannot be filled everything. Is not it so it can cause the applicant seemed full of shortcomings in the eyes of the reader resumes. In addition, resume became uncomfortable to be seen.

Questions that should be asked then is how to make a good resume that appeals to the reader and to provide an overview of the advantages possessed by the applicant. So that what exactly is the difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)? Even though the two have differences, but in practice often cannot tell which company they need, whether Resume or CV. Therefore, applicants must be observant in seeing the matter in the end because after applicant which must conform to the company, not vice versa.

In the competition for jobs amid the economic situation is not encouraging at this time, plus the number of job seekers, it is not uncommon to employers (read: people who employ) have to spend a lot of time to select the candidate qualified workers. Given that a vacant position can be spoken by hundreds or even thousands of applicants, employers rely heavily on resumes of applicants for filtering / selecting them to be called to an interview or a test in subsequent processes. In such condition, it is not applicant can make a resume to describe the quality of himself in the form of a resume attractive, solid, and straightforward to be very small possibility to be called.