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CareerFrom your initial year to your final, and even after you graduate, we can aid you in generating career decisions, exploring careers, setting targets, and creating abilities and strategies to realize these targets. Students will leave behind the 20th century career counseling models that are centered and realized via retrospection and projection, while, at the same time, moving to a 21st century career therapy model vested in introspection, self-awareness, and connectivity.

Anyway, this all goes to your question, as I have recast it somewhat, if you will forgive me: How can parents help their youngsters make the options for a career and future, that make the most sense, provided who these children are – WHO THEY Really ARE!

The Career Center at Tufts will continue to ensure that all Tufts students at the Somerville/Medford campus as properly as the College of the Museum of Fines Arts at Tufts in Boston have the required career solutions support to navigate their evolving path from an art student to a inventive professional.

Parents need to accompany those who are ages 16 – 17. For students that are 16, the only career avenues available to them are enterprise occupations and Culinary Arts, so it is often very best to wait till a youth is 17 to apply so they will have a lot more career coaching possibilities.

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